'The Babster' (aka Babs)


13 yo gentle lady looking for an indoor home







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Not suitable for a home with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Not suitable for a home with dogs

Can live with children?

Not suitable for a home with children

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Daisy needs an indoor home

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Surbiton, UK

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Medical notes

Please see details below. Babs is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

A little bit more

'The Babster' is now ready to find a new home!

At just under 3 kilos, The Babster (as her fosterer affectionately calls her or 'Babs' for short!) is an appealingly beautiful 13 year old long haired torti packed with personality! Torti's have a bad rep of being somewhat fiesty but our Babs is the most gentlest, most affectionate of souls. 

Babs loves to be brushed (required daily to avoid any matts in her super soft coat) and being made a fuss of, and though she is not a lap cat and does enjoy her own space too, enjoys perching on the top of sofa for attention so she's never far away!

Babs is partially sighted and her hearing isn't brilliant but don't underestimate this lady as she gets around her foster home just fine! She would need an indoor home where she will feel safe, ideally with an experienced owner who will be able to manage her Hyperthyroidism medication every day. Her condition is stable and HfC are happy to support the new owner, within reason, with her medication bills. 

Babs has a great appetite for her wet food and we hope she will continue to thrive in her new home -especially since she has also had some dental treatment which has made her much more comfortable.

She would prefer an owner who would be around for a good part of the day for company. Faced with a new environment she will explore every inch of it, mapping it out and bopping obstacles with her nose, so it's important not to move things about too often so she can find her way. It will be particularly important to keep her food, water and litter tray in the same place so she knows where to find them and can sniff them out! Losing her bearings can make her feel anxious so this all helps to make her feel reassured.

Whilst not really into games and toys as they can be a bit noisy and confusing for her, she does seem to enjoy meeting new people but does prefer the quiet life! Therefore children and other pets are sadly not for her.

Babs is neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms.

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