A handsome young boy deserving a caring home


2 years




Tabby and white

Can live with cats?

Must be the only cat in the household due to being FIV positive

Can live with dogs?

Could live with a placid, quiet dog

Can live with children?

Needs a quiet household - children ideally over 7 years

Requires outdoor space?

Has to be an indoor cat. Could have a garden which is 100% cat proofed or where there is a suitable catio or a willingness to provide one.

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes

FIV positive

A little bit more

This handsome young boy is Baggy and this is his story!

We were told that Baggy had been hanging around a neighbourhood for some time giving  cause for concern. He was very thin when he first appeared (hence his name as his skin was hanging from his skinny body).A  local resident began to feed him whilst they tried their best to locate an owner. 

Sadly posters  and social media posts  didn’t produce any further information about where he had come from and a check failed to find a microchip. As an unneutered tom he had  begun getting into scraps with local cats. We took him in to see if anyone would miss him but sadly no one has come forward to claim him. Baggy has now been neutered and had some teeth removed and sadly tests have revealed that he is FIV positive.

Because of his condition we  need to home Baggy as an indoor cat. He has shown himself to be very confident and affectionate and was spending time in the house of his feeder wherever  possible. He is a big lad so will need a spacious home with someone who is around at least for some of the day. You will need to be willing to put the time and effort into providing lots of enrichment which will help to prevent him missing his former outdoor life.

In an ideal world it would be great if there was a  garden which is  100% cat proofed or where there is a suitable catio or a willingness  to provide one. We feel this boy deserves the best and the outdoor space would prevent him becoming frustrated.  

A calmer home would be best so he could probably live with children over about 7 years old. He must be the only cat due to his FIV positive status but he could possibly live with a placid, cat friendly dog.



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