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Beautiful Brothers Sebastian and Oliver


4 year old brothers, looking for company


4 years




Sebastian - Ginger, Oliver - Black

Can live with cats?

Avoid interaction with other cats outdoors, so unlikely to tolerate

Can live with dogs?

No experience

Can live with children?

Unlikely to tolerate younger children, we recommend 10+

Requires outdoor space?

Access to safe, secure outside space

Current location


Reference number

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated & chipped

A little bit more

Long haired brothers, Sebastian (ginger) and Oliver (black), are looking for a new home together.  Their owner, who had the boys from when they were kittens, is reluctantly putting them up for adoption because his job requires regular time away from home which means that he is unable to offer them the time they deserve.

Aged 4 years and 3 months old, the boys have very different personalities.  Sebastian, is very "purry" and likes to spend most of his time hanging out in the same room as his owner, but is not keen on sitting too close or being petted.  Oliver, or should I say, Detective Oliver Benson(!), is named after Taylor Swift's female cat, Detective Olivia Benson, who is named after the Law & Order character!  

Oliver is very chilled and will go "all floppy" for a stroke, and will rub his cheeks on your hand, just to let you know how much he is enjoying your attention.

Sebastian and Oliver love deliveries to their home as this means they get to play with new, interesting boxes and springy tape!  They are less excited by traditional toys, preferring to entertain each other and sharpen their claws on catnip filled boxes from Pets at Home.  The boys enjoy spending extended periods outside where they watch out for each other, always avoiding interaction with other cats.  

They have no experience with dogs.  

Sebastian and Oliver have previously enjoyed the company of respectful teenagers.  Sebastian would be unlikely to tolerate physical contact from younger children, so the pair would be best suited to an adult home or a family with older children, aged 10+.

Sebastian and Oliver both have a clean bill of health.  They are offered for adoption already neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and up-to-date with flea and worming treatments.  They both have lovely, long coats in good condition, and are looking for an owner committed to keeping them looking gorgeous!

The boys have settled into their foster home in Ashford and are looking forward to meeting potential adopters.



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