Very special girl


6 years





Can live with cats?

Needs to be the only cat in the household

Can live with dogs?

Only pet initially

Can live with children?

She needs a calm environment so ideally children over 11 years

Requires outdoor space?

Secure and safe garden

Current location

Currently being fostered in Chobham

Reference number


Medical notes

Skin condition - see below

A little bit more

We are looking for the purrfect home for Binx!

Binx came into us in the summer last year when her previous owners could no longer cope with her terrible chronic skin condition which was sadly not being managed effectively enough. This had left her with very red and angry bald patches around her head and neck which was causing her to scratch at it, making it even worse and very uncomfortable. 

This is more than likely started out as a stress related issue that has escalated and had put her into an awful vicious circle where she would heal to a point and then begin to self harm again by scratching herself.

It's taken a long time, lots of vet checks, consistent medication and care to get her where she is today, feeling (and looking) a million dollars! Binx's fosterer designed Binx her very own cat pajamas and special buster collar to ensure she didn't scratch whilst she was healing and this has made all the difference. 

She's the sweetest cat you'll ever meet and just loves everyone! She would make someone a wonderful companion - she is very relaxed and will sit on your lap all day if you let her. 

You would have no idea from her behaviour or temperament that she's been through such a tough time.

Now that she has had this time to heal and is no longer on medication (or wearing her cat suit!) we are looking for a lovely adopter for Binx who would be happy to take her on a trial basis initially but who will then want to adopt her permanently thereafter, should all go well. 

The adopter must be happy to keep in contact with HFC on a regular basis, particularly for the first couple of months so we can monitor her progress. We cannot guarantee that she won't have flare ups and may need to go back onto medication temporarily so it's important that her adopter keeps us informed so we can provide support and keep on top of things. It's so important that she goes to the right home to try to avoid Binx becoming poorly again.

Binx will need a quiet home without other pets, although she would probably be fine with other animals we wouldn't want to cause her any anxiety which could trigger problems with her skin. She would be ok with older children of 11 years plus but for the same reasons feel that a calmer home would be more practical and manageable for her.

She is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.


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