Bubbles & Squeak


Charming boys looking for a new home


Bubbles - 14; Squeak - 9




Bubbles - black & white; Squeak - grey

Can live with cats?

Possibly ok with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Not suitable for a home with dogs

Can live with children?

Would prefer an adult only home

Requires outdoor space?

Must have safe, secure outdoor access, away from busy roads

Current location

Woking, UK

Reference number

Bubbles - 22123; Squeak - 22124

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated & microchipped. Please see longer description for details of Squeak's previous history.

A little bit more

Bubbles & Squeak are available for adoption.  

These charming boys originally lived alongside a young family.  However, when the family went on holiday a few years ago, they also enjoyed a holiday next door with their elderly neighbour who kindly agreed to care for them whilst the family was away.  Whilst the boys initially enjoyed the attention of two different types of homes, it was clear they preferred to spend more time in the quieter space and "adopted" their elderly neighbour full time!  However, when she began to struggle to care for them, the difficult decision was taken for Here for Cats to take them into foster care to find a more suitable living arrangement for them.  

Both cats are friendly, like contact on their own terms and to spend time hanging out with their owners, but are both scared of dogs, children and loud noises.  Bubbles, who is black & white, 14 years old and used to accompany the neighbour on foot to her doctor's appointments(!), is particularly stressed when travelling by car, so he is looking for an owner who has time to spend time gently preparing him for those trips and reassuring him throughout any journey.  

Squeak is grey and 9 years old.  He previously suffered with a skin condition triggered by some flea treatments, so will need a specific combined flea and worm treatment that works for him to be administered by his new owner once every three months.  Squeak spent a year living with the owner's brother, so whilst the boys get along well and sound like they belong together(!), they are both independent and we are happy to consider both joint and single applications to adopt one, or both, of them.

Bubbles and Squeak are healthy and ready for adoption already neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  If you can offer a quiet, adult home with outdoor space, but without dogs, to Bubbles and/or Squeak, please complete an application



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