Cheeky Chappie Charlie


3yo half Bengal male







Can live with cats?

Charlie has fallen out with his twin brother, and we think he needs to be a solo pet

Can live with dogs?

Can live with children?

Not suitable for younger children

Requires outdoor space?

Charlie needs a rural location, without other cats

Current location

Reference number


Medical notes

Chipped, vaccinated and neutered

A little bit more

Charlie is a 3 year old half Bengal who shows typical traits for his breed.

We are seeking a new home for this loveable rogue who has fallen out with his twin brother so needs a home of his own in a rural location where he will not have to share territory with other cats.

Charlie is affectionate but also likes to go out during for the day. He does come back in the evening  and is used to being kept in overnight. Could suit a home where owner is out at work.

Potential owners will need to be familiar with Bengals and their personality traits.



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