Country Legend KITTENS!


Brett, Ashley, Carly, Tenille, Garth and Luke - 9 weeks old, 3 pairs available


9 weeks old


Both available



Can live with cats?

No other cats

Can live with dogs?

Used to dogs

Can live with children?

Over 5 years old only

Requires outdoor space?

See full description

Current location

Ashford, Middlesex

Reference number

22059 - 22064

Medical notes

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A little bit more

We have recently taken in a litter of 6 beautiful kittens who were born to a feral mum where there is a small colony of cats all interbreeding. Sadly so far, two of the cats within the colony and the possible mother and father (we cannot guarantee who the parents are as there were two mums who look identical and both had litters in the same spot) have tested positive for FIV. This was only discovered last week after the adults were trapped as part of our TNR (Trap Neuter Return) programme.

This could mean that the kittens could also have contracted FIV but we are unable to test them and get a reliable result until they are 6 months of age (they are currently 9 weeks old so ready to rehome). 

We are therefore looking for indoor homes for the kittens for the next 4 months as they MUST be kept inside until we know for sure whether they have contracted the virus. Ideally then we can make a decision as to whether they will always be house cats, if the result was positive. Or if thankfully they are negative, which we all hope they are, they can still have outdoor access which would be better for their longer-term welfare.

We appreciate we are asking a lot as many of you whom have gardens will be wanting cats who can use a cat flap and go outdoors and those of you who have indoor homes will not be able to let the cats outside if they turn out to be negative which means we are faced with a bit of a moral dilemma!

HfC will pay for the FIV tests when the kittens reach 6 months old and you will have the option to keep the kittens or return them to us, dependant on the result, if you would prefer to foster them temporarily on our behalf as this could also be another option.

Home visits and adoption fees will of course apply as normal. The kittens will all be rehomed in pairs (neutered) as they all have strong bonds. The kittens cannot be homed with other cats as they could be infectious.



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