Daddy Dustin


2yo former stray






Ginger and white

Can live with cats?

Dustin is taking some time to adapt to domestic life, so would need to be the only pet in the household.

Can live with dogs?

Dustin is taking some time to adapt to domestic life, so we don't think he would manage a dog.

Can live with children?

We think Dustin needs an adult only environment.

Requires outdoor space?

As a former stray, he needs access to a garden to explore.

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes

Vaccinated, chipped, blood tested and neutered

A little bit more

Dad Dustin is looking for a home!

2 year old ginger and white Dustin and his girlfriend, Miranda were living as strays in a residential area in Middlesex. Taken in by Here for Cats they recently they became proud parents of four delightful kittens. Miranda and her kittens will remain in foster care for some time but no more fathering for Dustin. He is now neutered, blood tested, microchipped and vaccinations started. Dustin is being cared for in one of our pens at Five Acres Cattery as he adjusts to a life as a domestic cat.

Dustin is shy and nervous but we think that he would benefit most from a swift move to a happy home environment. At present he responds well to those he sees regularly but a couple of days absence and he needs to build the relationship all over again.

His new home needs to be a quiet one with adults who are present most of the time to build his confidence around people.  Having lived an outdoor life previously, he will need access to a garden to explore.  He could possibly live with another laid back cat.

If you think you can offer Dustin a happy home where he will have lots of space and encouragement in order to build his confidence, please complete an online application form



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