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Darling Dotti


Pretty, long haired girl looking for a quiet forever home






Can live with cats?

Nervous, so needs to be only pet in the home

Can live with dogs?

Nervous, so needs to be only pet in the home

Can live with children?

Adult only home

Requires outdoor space?

Access to outside space, without too many other cats in the neighbourhood

Current location

Woking, Surrey, UK

Reference number

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

A little bit more

Pretty, long haired tabby, Dotti, is looking for a happy and quiet forever home.  She had become very anxious following the arrival of a number of new, territorial cats into the neighbourhood of her previous home.  For three months, scared Dotti refused to go outside, go near her carrier and regularly zoomed around the house, bursting with the energy she normally saved for the outside.

In order that we could understand Dotti's behaviour and assess the type of home she needs, we have been caring for her in foster care and she already seems much happier and is ready to meet potential adopters.  To maintain her progress, Dotti is looking for an adult home without other pets, located in a neighbourhood where there are not too many cats in the hope she will feel safer.

Dotti is very affectionate and she loves to be stroked and to be the centre of attention.  When relaxed, she is also funny, sometimes falling asleep on her back with her legs in the air!  Overall, Dotti grooms her long, coat very well, but she sometimes needs help to keep her tail end completely clean and matt-free.

Dotti is looking forward to meeting potential adopters at her foster home in Woking.  She is already neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated and up-to-date with flea treatment.  She will receive her next dose of worming treatment before moving to her new home.  To support Dotti's ongoing wellbeing, HFC will remain available to offer advice regarding her care.

So if you can offer Dotti a quiet, adult home and have time to spend re-building her confidence and helping her to enjoy being outside again, we would love to hear from you.



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