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Golden Oldies....Bobby & Suki


12yo brothers, looking for a retirement home






Black & White (Bobby) / Tabby (Suki)

Can live with cats?

No experience with other cats

Can live with dogs?

No experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Ok, with older, respectful children

Requires outdoor space?

Require access to safe, secure outside space

Current location


Reference number

Medical notes

See narrative for details

A little bit more

Brothers, Bobby (Black & White) and Suki (Tabby & White) are looking for a home after their much loved owner passed away recently. The 12 year old boys have since been very well cared for at their owner's home by her daughters and a kind neighbour, but they are now ready to find their forever, retirement home.

Once they get to know you, both cats are very affectionate.  Bobby, who is quick to make human friends, likes to receive affection sitting in front of you on the sofa.  If you stop stroking him, he will gently pat your arm to ask you to carry on!  He most likes to drink his water from a bowl in the garden and to sleep on a blanket in the bottom of a wardrobe.  On one warm summer's day he was found dozing in the straw of a freshly prepared (but empty!) rabbit hutch.  Suki is initially a little more shy and will disappear when there are visitors to his home.  His favourite place to sleep is on a window sill, also on a blanket, but hidden behind the curtain.  

Both cats prefer to eat wet food prepared in jelly, and for a treat, they most like chilled ham. Suki will meow loudly to you when he sees the instantly recognisable, pull-apart packet!  Both cats love to play with toys, in particular, cardboard boxes and a fishing rod with a jolly Father Christmas on the end!

Bobby and Suki like each other and would most prefer a home together.  They very much enjoyed the company of their retired owner and would like a home where their owners can be around the majority of the time.  They are seeking a home without other cats, dogs or children aged under 10 years.  Bobby and Suki have enjoyed having their own garden located in a quiet a cul-de-sac and would like their new home to also have safe, outside space to explore.

Bobby and Suki have received a thorough Vet check and are available for adoption already neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and having been brought up-to-date with worming treatment.  

It has been recommended for Suki to receive a dental procedure in the near future, but otherwise, both cats are very healthy. 


Due to their senior years, the boys are eligible for support from the HFC Golden Oldies scheme, which means that we can provide ongoing welfare advice and, by agreement, offer financial support for unforeseen veterinary costs.

Bobby and Suki are available for adoption via our Direct Re-home service from their current home in Hindhead.  If you can offer a loving retirement home with outside space to both, or one, of these affectionate boys, please let us know



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