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Karli the Kuddly


10.5yo nervous, but quickly friendly girl






Black and white

Can live with cats?

Karli has struggled with a neighbour bully cat, so think she would need to be the only cat in the house

Can live with dogs?

Karli has no experience of dogs

Can live with children?

Karli is not a fan of children

Requires outdoor space?

Karli used to like short outdoor adventures, so would need access to a safe, secure outside space

Current location


Reference number

Medical notes

None - neutered, vaccinated and chipped

A little bit more

Karli, who is black and white and 10.5 years old, is looking for a new home.  

Stressed by a neighbour's cat in her previous home, Karli came to stay in our foster care just a week ago.  She has already settled in well and is ready to meet potential adopters.

Sadly, Karli's experience with cats has been limited to her previous neighbour's cat, who used to regularly charge inside her home and scare her.  She even began to avoid spending time in her garden, just to limit further exposure to him.  Therefore, she is looking for a home where she can enjoy being the only cat.  We understand that nervous Karli is frightened of fireworks and the hoover and did not enjoy visits to her home by young children, always quietly removing herself to another room.  She has no experience with dogs.

Once she gets to know you, Karli is an affectionate young lady.  She really likes to receive a stroke when she is on the same level as you, ie. if you sit on the floor or lie next to her on a bed.  Karli likes to play with her toys.  Her favourite is a (previously catnip stuffed!) chicken. She loves to rub her herself against him, but only when she thinks no-one is watching!  When she used to venture outside, Karli used to enjoy accompanying her owner on short walks!

Karli is available for adoption from her foster home in Woking.  She is already micro-chipped and neutered and has received preventative flea and worming treatments.  Her previous owner would love for Karli to re-gain her confidence and to enjoy spending time outside again.  

Are you able to offer a loving home with secure outside space and a "Karli shaped" space inside?  If so, we would love to hear from you.



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