Lilo & Isla


18 month old siblings


18 months




Lilo - Tortie / Isla - white & black

Can live with cats?

Probably not suitable for a home with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Suitable for a home with a gentle dog

Can live with children?

Could live with young children

Requires outdoor space?

Must have safe, secure outdoor access, away from busy roads

Current location

Knaphill, Woking, UK

Reference number

Medical notes

Both girls have been treated for flea and worms, neutered, vaccinated & microchipped

A little bit more

Lilo (tortie) and Isla (white & black) are one year, six months old.  They were purchased as kittens from a breeder who, unscrupulously, threatened to "dispose of them" after their owner had previously purchased their brother.  Initially, the kittens all lived happily alongside each other but, as they are growing up, their home is no longer right-sized to harmoniously accommodate three, bouncy young cats and, sadly, the two girls are now looking for a new home.  

Both Lilo and Isla enjoy being in the same room as their owner, but will initially hide when visitors come.  They have experience of, and are content around, young children and very gentle dogs. 

Isla is the more confident of the two girls. She is friendly with people, but in her current environment, has a tendency to scrap with her brother.  Lilo is more shy and quiet, and will walk away from her siblings' chaos!

Lilo and Isla are available for adoption through our Direct Re-home Service from their current home in Knaphill, Woking.  They have already been micro-chipped, neutered and vaccinated and are both up-to-date with flea and worming treatments.

Lilo and Isla do get along together and, ideally, we believe they would be happiest to be re-homed together to a relaxed and happy home with outdoor space, but we will consider single applications.  

If it is not possible for her to be re-homed with her sister, we think it is important for shy Lilo to have the company of another, friendly cat.  If you have time and space to care for Lilo and or Isla, and a willingness to gradually introduce them to the outside world, we would love to hear from you.  



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