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Little Gee


11yo handsome boy







Can live with cats?

Previously unhappy with other cats, so best avoided

Can live with dogs?

No experience with dogs, so best avoided

Can live with children?

No experience with children, so best avoided

Requires outdoor space?

Quite the explorer, so needs access to safe, secure outside space

Current location

Ash Vale

Reference number

Medical notes

Neutered, chipped and awaiting vaccination

A little bit more

Is there a quiet home out there for Little Gee?

This 11 year old fella sadly lost his caregiver before Christmas when he passed away and since then a very kind neighbour has been popping in to feed him and spend time with him everyday.

Little Gee has had a life of ups and downs moving in with his most recent caregiver when his original owners (who had had him from a kitten) tried to introduce some new kittens some years ago after Little Gee's sibling died. 

Little Gee wasn't very fond of them and he decided to move out of his own accord to live a more quiet life with a neighbour nearby.

Sadly now that his human companion has passed away he will need a new home before the property is sold. He's quite comfortable where he is for now in the home he knows and the family of his caregiver have left the heating on for him to keep him nice and warm and he has daily company and meals delivered from nextdoor! 

He's recently been to the vets for a heath check which was thankfully all good news. He was in fact very popular in the practice - being a rather handsome guy!

He loves a brush and likes company and a good fuss. He does however very much enjoy has outdoor access and does tend to go out a lot through his cat flap so we are therefore not able to offer him as an indoor only cat as he finds being confined very stressful.

Little Gee is neutered, chipped and the charity will be vaccinating him shortly but there is a supply problem at Little Gee's vet so this will be done as soon as it is possible.

If you feel you can offer him a quiet home without children and other pets, please get in touch.



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