Lucky Larry


8yo hunk Larry







Can live with cats?

Having fallen out with his brother, we think Larry would need to be the only cat

Can live with dogs?

Larry has grown up with two labradoodle puppies, so should be ok with friendly dogs.

Can live with children?

Respectful children, aged 11 +

Requires outdoor space?

Larry is used to a large garden and woods close by to explore, so would need something similar

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes


A little bit more

Lucky black cat Larry the hunk is looking for a new home due to irreconcilable differences with his brother.  

The 8 year-old boys fell out after competing for the affections of the "girl next door" who regularly called round to visit them.  

At first, they had an occasional scrap, but unfortunately, this escalated to a nasty fight where both cats were hurt and required the attention of a Vet.  Fearful of a repeat, their owners separated the boys, with each taking it in turns to spend time in a bedroom with a litter tray then have the run of the house and garden throughout the day.  However, this is neither sustainable for the cats or their family, and so, reluctantly, Larry has moved into our foster care.

Larry has previously really enjoyed living with a family.  He grew up with three, respectful children, who were aged 11 years upwards upon his arrival, plus two, gentle labradoodle puppies, so we think he would really like to find a new family home.  However, to ensure his safety going forward, we recommend that he is the only cat.  

Larry's injuries from the fight in the summer have now healed and he is available for adoption already micro-chipped, neutered and up-to-date with flea and worming treatments.

Larry's favourite place to be is the garden and, in particular, in the woods at the bottom of it, so we would ideally like for his new home to have lots of interesting outside space to explore.  He enjoys his food and will get up with the first person awake in the house in the hope of an early breakfast.  Larry will always come running at the rattle of a dry food box, which is always useful for any cat owner!  

He is normally a very happy and docile character who enjoys company and to snooze on a bed.

So, if you can offer a happy home to Larry with some interesting outside space, and are able to travel to meet him at his foster home in Weybridge, please complete an application form.



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