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Marvellous Max


Outdoorsy 7 yo 'friendly lump'







Can live with cats?

Unhappy living with other cats

Can live with dogs?

No experience, but appears to dislike

Can live with children?

No experience, but appears to dislike

Requires outdoor space?

Needs large, rural area

Current location

Woking, Surrey

Reference number

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

A little bit more

Outdoorsy, seven year old Max is looking for a new, rural home with lots of space to explore.  This handsome black, long haired boy, affectionately described as a "friendly lump" by his owner, has become a handful in his current, modest home where he lives with his owner and 12 year old cat, Bambi.

Introduced to his current home and existing cat, Bambi, as a kitten, Max has now become very bossy with Bambi, tormenting and sitting on top of her wherever she wants to be, and she is no longer coping well with his behaviour.  As he has grown older, Max has learned how and loves to hunt, and his desire for bringing in "presents" for his exhausted, shift working owner is taking its toll.  Therefore, HFC have been asked to help in finding Max a more suitable home.

To help us to find a good matching home for Max, we acknowledge his love for hunting and the outdoors.  Therefore, we are looking for a home in a very rural location where Max can spend lots of time outside or, alternatively, a dry, safe, barn or other outbuilding, as a starting point from where we can support him with a gradual transition towards his new home from outside.  If Max is to live inside a home, he should be the only pet.  He has had no close contact with dogs or children, but will run and hide whenever he sees either, or when there are visitors to his home.

Max enjoys adult human company and, when in the mood for a cuddle, will sit on, or next to his owner, dribble with pleasure and gently knead her with his paws.  He will play with a fluffy fishing rod, but overall prefers the real thing to playing with toys!

Max is healthy and available for adoption having been neutered and micro-chipped and brought up-to-date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.



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