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Mischievous Mittens


Young Girl who needs a fresh start


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Excuse the long post but Mittens is a very special cat with very particular needs and she wanted to write her own post!

Hello cat lovers! 

My name is Mittens. 

I am a very smart, adorable, affectionate and beautiful little tabby cat. I was born on 12th March 2020. 

I have no vet history before August 2022 and am sad because I have lived with two different families neither of whom wanted me anymore because my behaviour was being misunderstood.

My reputation is that I am extra grumpy but since arriving in mid November at my fosterer’s, my paws are now well under the table. I can be a little bit naughty with my paws so you need to be able to understand my body language to ensure you respect my space when it’s needed. I like to blow a little hot and cold you see, but the humans say this is because I have had past experiences which have often led to me feeling a little confused and scared about what will happen next.

I’m not one to complain but I haven’t always been treated well. I can be a nervous sort that likes my own space but at the same time I am insecure and love to be the centre of attention but I just like to keep you on your toes! 

I am a quiet cat generally but if I want anything you won’t be in any doubt, as I will follow you around producing a persistent series of squeaky little miaows.

I love saying hello to new people but it must be on my terms as I get frightened by people who have loud voices, move quickly or try to stroke me before we have been properly introduced. But then I just think that’s rude anyway!

I enjoy playing games on my own but I am starting to enjoy short games with my fosterer. I get anxious if my favourite dry food isn't available but am starting to enjoy a little wet food - especially the gravy!

I do enthusiastic zoomies and love using scratch posts and it has to be said like to scratch on furniture too, being honest about my bad habits… but that’s to be expected when they are keeping me hostage indoors right now so I can’t scratch on natural things which look way more fun! 

My favourite place will be snuggled on the sofa near to you on my heat pad and I will look to you for occasional reassurance that I am loved. I often sleep upside down showing my tummy but please don’t stroke it - it’s not an invitation! Oh and I expect full access to where I live at all times. No closed doors - thank you!

I like to keep very clean, just as well as I don’t like to be brushed, but I do get a bit carried away. My tummy has less hair on it that it should have and I also nibble away at the fur on my back on both sides as you can see from my pic. Because I worry a lot, I am prone to stress cystitis so it’s important that I always feel as relaxed as possible to try to avoid any recurrences.

So I am looking for a special quiet home with an experienced cat owner or owners who will give me space and time to continue to relax.  

I am a contradictory creature, despite all the above, I am inquisitive, unbothered by loud TV or deliveries and go to greet any adult visitors. I don’t want to live with any children as I think they’ll take away the attention from me and they move a bit quicker and might make me feel worried. I would also need to be the only animal in the home. I can only remember being an indoor cat, but a safe garden for me to explore in due course would be great as I love watching what is going on outside and I have excellent hunting instincts. I’ve been told that some of my anxiousness may well resolve once I can explore and burn off some energy and frustration whilst exhibiting my natural behaviors.

Mittens is chipped and recently re-started her vaccinations. We totally understand that it is a big ask taking Mittens on, she is adorable and much loved by her fosterer, but needs to be read very carefully and her space respected. She is also terrified of the vet and we are working out the best way forward to support her adopters with this. 

We are committed to finding that one special home where whatever Mittens does, you will stick by her. We will provide ongoing support to help her settle.



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