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Tortie and White

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Molly needs to be the only pet in the household

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Molly needs to be the only pet in the household

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Molly needs an adult only house

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Wallington, UK

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Neutered, Vaccinated and Chipped

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Oh Golly Miss Molly!

What can we say about 13 year old tortie and white Molly? We need someone with plenty of patience and understanding to help this diva move past her fears and show you the loving cat inside. Molly has had a rather unsettled existence since one of her two elderly owners passed away and the other struggled to cope. 

With carers coming in and out of the house and her world changing everyday it's no wonder that she began to become confused and upset. She was signed over to the vet after being taken in by the owners next of kin to be euthanised, but as she is perfectly healthy this was not appropriate.

Although Molly does not cope well with changes in her environment she has shown us that she can be loving in the right circumstances. One of the vet nurses fell in love with her and  she was content and well behaved in her care but unfortunately the vet nurse was unable to keep her long term.

She is now in a foster home but Molly is desperate to get out and has become quite stressed being restricted as an indoor cat.

Molly needs a quiet experienced home without other animals and children with a safe garden to relax in.

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