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Moo and Boo!


Gentle sisters, approx 9yo


9years old




Black /White Tortoise-shell

Can live with cats?

Although they are happy together, they do not like other cats

Can live with dogs?

No experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Happy with older children, no experience with younger ones

Requires outdoor space?

Require access to safe, secure, outdoor space

Current location

Farnborough, UK

Reference number

Medical notes

Moo will shortly have a dental procedure, but otherwise both are healthy, happy cats

A little bit more

Gentle sisters, Moo and Boo, are on the look-out for a forever home.  Estimated to be approximately 9 years old, the girls have had an exciting life since they were adopted by their owners two years ago, first living in a house, then on a house-boat, and most recently, a flat with a communal garden.  Pets are not allowed in their current home and HFC are assisting to find a caring, new home for the cats.

Moo, who has a pretty, white and tortoise shell coat, and Boo, who is shiny and black, are both very affectionate and like to spend time in the same room as humans, even approaching strangers and sitting on their laps in the hope of receiving a good stroke!  Moo will often chat happily about her day to her owners.  Boo loves the area in front of her tail scratched and to run across the keyboard of the IT expert in the family (they are suspicious she may have learned to "code"!)  However, she can be nervous and is frightened of the vacuum cleaner.

Both cats get along well and would be most happy to be re-homed together.  Moo can be territorial around other cats and would prefer a home with her sister, but without other cats.  The girls have no experience with dogs.  They have always enjoyed a happy and calm living environment and the company of the family's teenage children, but have no experience with younger children. They currently have garden access and pop out for short periods during the day so feel safe outdoor space would suit them best.

Moo and Boo have received a thorough Vet check, and are offered for adoption already neutered and micro-chipped and up-to-date with flea and worming treatments.  Under the Vet's recommendation, Moo will receive a dental procedure in the next few days, just to bring her 9 year old smile up to standard for adoption!

Moo and Boo are available for adoption via our Direct Re-home Service from their home in Farnborough, Hampshire.  If you can offer them a loving, forever home, we would love to hear from you.



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