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Puddle & Zola


6yo Brother and Sister




Male / Female


Black /White

Can live with cats?

Prefer to be the only pets

Can live with dogs?

This pair are not a fan, so will need a dog free zone

Can live with children?

Experienced with younger visitors but seem to prefer an adult household

Requires outdoor space?

Both enjoy venturing out, so will need a safe, secure, outside space

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated & microchipped, early indicators of potential heart murmur - annual scan can be funded by HfC

A little bit more


Brother and sister, Puddle and Zola are looking for a new home.  Following their owners of three years moving abroad in 2019, the white and black 6 year olds have been enjoying life with one of their owner's parents.  Unable to look after the cats long term, their owner is now offering them for adoption via our Direct Re-home service.

Puddle (white nose and tummy) and Zola (black face and back) are closely bonded and would really like to be re-homed together.  Puddle is an affectionate lap cat with a modern outlook, who doesn't mind sharing your lap with a lap-top - in fact, it's a very good game!  Most of the time the siblings get along very well, but Puddle can sometimes be a little bossy with his sister, knocking Zola off her food if he finishes first and playing boisterously with her if he's been stuck inside on a rainy day.  Zola copes well with Puddle, but is overall a little more shy.  Her favourite place to watch the world is from an inside windowsill.  She loves to be warm and will sit in front of the fire in the winter months or outside in the garden on a sunny day.   Once she has assessed you, Zola will approach you and really enjoys a stroke, but she prefers to sit next to you rather than on you.

Both cats enjoy the outdoors to different degrees (Puddle will spend more time outdoors) and will guard their outside space from other cats via "a look" and a bushy tail!   They are also frightened of dogs, so they are looking for a home where they will be the only pets.  There are regular visits to their current home by young children and, whilst very tolerant, the pair seem more relaxed to be around adults. Whilst Puddle and Zola currently enjoy regular company, they like a routine and have previously adapted well to a working pattern and to staying in safe at night.

Both cats recently had heart scans which showed a very mild thickening of the heart muscle within the left ventricle of both cats, which is likely to be causing heart murmurs. No medication is currently required for either cat but the vets have recommended monitoring scans on a yearly basis to check for any progression. These scans can be funded by HfC providing the owner is happy to use our preferred vet practice.

This affectionate pair are available via our Direct Re-home Service, and available to meet at their current home in Byfleet.   They have been neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and are up-to-date with flea treatment.  So if you can offer a loving home with outdoor space, please complete an application.



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