Pumpkin Tickle


Almost 8yo, independent black girl


Almost 8





Can live with cats?

Pumpkin can be feisty with other cats, so needs to be the only one in the home

Can live with dogs?

Pumpkin hasn't any experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Pumkin has become increasingly stressed with young children, so needs an adult only home

Requires outdoor space?

Pumpkin loves to be out and about, so needs a safe, secure, outdoor space

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

A little bit more

Pumpkin Tickle, who is black and almost 8 years old, is available for adoption via our Direct Rehome Service from her current home in Morden.  

She has lived with her current owners since she was a kitten, but has become increasingly stressed since they first started a family three years ago.  Having been grumpy with their young children, it is with sadness that Pumpkin is looking for a new home.  

Previously, a happy and affectionate cat around her adult owners, a return to a life with an adult/s is being sought for Pumpkin.  

She likes to be outdoors and will happily entertain herself exploring for several hours at a time and so would be content to live with an owner who is at work during the day.  

Pumpkin has always declined to use a cat flap so, whilst her new home will not require one, we would like to find a home with outdoor space where there is shelter for her to hide from bad weather until her owner returns home or a small shelter can be provided.  

Pumpkin can be fiesty with other cats so she would suit a home without other cats.

If you would like to offer a happy new home for Pumpkin, with dinner and cuddles after work and at weekends, please complete an application.



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