Queen Elizabeth


2yo confident and sassy lady!







Can live with cats?

We think Queen Elizabeth may be ok with other cats, however careful introduction will be required.

Can live with dogs?

We are open to considering a home with dogs

Can live with children?

Queen Elizabeth can be in a home with children

Requires outdoor space?

Will need access to a safe, secure outside space

Current location

Deepcut GU16, UK

Reference number


Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

A little bit more

Queen Elizabeth (white) was only with her previous family for a short time, and her current foster home, we think, is already her third home. 

She has likely had more than one litter of kittens to raise in the past. 

She is used to young children and although she lived with other cats, she wasn't a huge fan of them. This may have just been because she was worried for her babies but any other cats will have to be introduced very carefully.

She is only 2 years old, very cheeky and confident. She will steal food from her human carers plates and tea and coffee from their cups, given half a chance! She doesn't mind being handled at all but is not a lap cat and prefers strokes and attention. 

She will be ready in the coming weeks once her 4 kittens have finished weaning mid July.

She is being cared for in Deepcut, Surrey



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