A beautiful girl - FOSTER with view to ADOPT


8 months





Can live with cats?

MUST be the only cat in the household

Can live with dogs?

Requires a household without dogs

Can live with children?

Children over 8 years old

Requires outdoor space?

She will need to be either an indoor cat or have access to a secure catio or her adopter must live in a rural area where there are NO other cats around.

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Medical notes

Tritrichomonas. She is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated

A little bit more

*Please ensure you read Savannah's profile carefully before applying. DO NOT APPLY if you do not meet the criteria and cannot provide the necessary care. Savannah is a very beautiful cat but she needs a very particular kind of home.*

8 month old Savannah was signed over to us as her former owner was unable to cope with her condition. Sadly Savannah has Tritrichomonas which can be common with Pedigree and particularly Bengal cats. This means that she is very likely to have bouts of diarrhoea and will need to be on a special high fibre diet and occasional medication courses and probiotics.

This condition may clear up or improve as she reaches maturity, but there are no guarantees. We are looking for a foster home for Savannah initially so that the charity can support with the management of her condition but we would like this to turn into an eventual adoption should everything work out as we hope it will.

Her condition is contagious to other cats so she MUST be a single cat within the home. We would like to place Savannah in a suitable foster home, ideally with someone who has prior knowledge and experience with Bengals and understands their sometimes demanding needs. Savannah is a very friendly and affectionate little cat but is also very vocal. She loves constant attention so if you feel you cannot offer this, or do not have the time available to devote to her, then please consider whether Savannah is the right cat for you.

She will need to be either an indoor cat or have access to a secure catio or her adopter must live in a rural area where there are NO other cats around. Bengals can also be territorial and more highly strung and so would prefer for the applicant to have prior experience with cats that need extra stimulation in their home using toys and activities to keep her entertained. She is still a kitten so will need a home where someone who is there with her for most of the day.

She could live with children as she loves everyone, but they must be over 8 years, supervised at all times and kept away from her toileting areas.

If you are interested or would like to find out more about her please either contact us on 0330 120 0730 or complete an application form below.

If you do not meet the criteria, you may not receive a response so please ensure you have read all of the above carefully before contacting us.

Please help us find Savannah the home she deserves!


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