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Teddy and Millie


Friends, aged 7yo


7 years old


Millie - Female, Teddy - Male


Millie - short white, grey hair, Teddy - long white, black patches hair

Can live with cats?

Both cats get along well with other moggies

Can live with dogs?

No experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Both cats enjoy time with respectful children,

Requires outdoor space?

Both cats like to explore, so will need access to a safe, secure outside space

Current location

East Sheen

Reference number

Medical notes

Sensitive stomachs so require dry food

A little bit more

Friends, Millie and Teddy, are hoping that 2023 will bring them a lovely forever home.  Following a house move to a property where pets are not allowed, their previous owner asked HFC to help in finding them a new home.

Millie, who is female, is 7 years old and has a short, white and grey coat.  Teddy is male, 6 years and 9 months old, and has a long white coat with black patches.  Both cats are gentle, enjoy company and get along well with both cats and children.  Teddy is particularly affectionate around respectful children.  

They have no experience of spending time with dogs.

Both cats have received a thorough Vet check and are ready to be re-homed, having been micro-chipped, brought up-to-date with vaccinations and received flea and worming treatments.  Teddy is sensitive around his stomach following an accident where he ran into the kitchen and caught his long, tummy hair in spilled hot, chip pan oil.  The wound is fully healed, but the skin on his tummy is slightly tighter on one side and, therefore, he does not enjoy having this area brushed.  Due to both cats having sensitive stomachs, they follow a mostly dry, gastro-intestinal diet.  Teddy can sometimes be a little bossy at meal times, pushing ahead of Millie and eating her food if left unsupervised.

Both Millie and Teddy like to play.  They especially love a rope-covered scratching post, jumping on flat tin foil and kicking around rolled up foil balls.  They both love water and to drink from a water fountain, the sink and even the bath whilst you are in it!  Millie loves to be brushed and likes to sleep in her tunnel that can be hung on a radiator.

Millie and Teddy are available to meet at their foster home in East Sheen.  If you can offer either a loving adult or family home with outside space to this delightful pair, and have time and space to keep Teddy's long coat in good condition, we would love to hear from you,



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