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Terrific Tiffany


1yo shy girl, looking for love







Can live with cats?

Struggled living with lots of other pets

Can live with dogs?

Tiffany struggled in a previously busy home environment, so we think best she is the only pet

Can live with children?

Potentially could live with respectful, older children

Requires outdoor space?

Access to safe, secure outside space

Current location


Reference number

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated & chipped

A little bit more

Sweet 1 year old Tiffany had sadly been left behind by her owner when they moved away. 

This was likely due to her more timid nature and them not being able to catch her. 

She chose not to spend as much time in the family home due to chaotic environment and other pets and dogs that she wasn't keen on.

She was gaining access to the property via an open window to feed and hide in the kitchen and it's thanks to the wonderful help of Surrey Missing Pet Support CIC that we were able to take Tiffany into foster care after they caught her in a trap in the early hours of the morning a few weeks ago. 

The owner has since signed her into our care and given us permission to find her the right home she deserves.

Tiffany has slowly come out of her shell but it is early days and she is a very quiet, calm cat, choosing to interact with our fosterer mostly at feeding time (and sleeping under her bed!) 

She does enjoy a little fuss and we know from her history that she did enjoy affection with humans on her own terms. We feel she would suit a home where she can be given her independence and freedom back and where the adopter will give her time and space to bond, allowing her to come to you when she is good and ready, rather than put her under any pressure to become a lap cat. 

She will need a safe garden to explore once she has settled in after a couple of weeks.

Tiffany has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for parasites. She is currently being fostered in Kingston.



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