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Tortoiseshell Trixie


18 years young, Golden Oldie


18.5years young





Can live with cats?

Not used to living with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Frightened of big dogs, but previously friends with a gentle terrier

Can live with children?

Experienced with respectful children

Requires outdoor space?

Enjoys the outdoors and will see off any intruder cats in the garden

Current location


Reference number


Medical notes

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A little bit more

Tortoise Shell Trixie is on the look-out for a lovely home for her retirement.  She is a very likeable, gentle and clever young lady who belies her 18.5 years!  She has become available for adoption following a relationship breakdown, which has sadly resulted in Trixie living with one person who needs to travel regularly and no longer has sufficient time to care for her.

Trixie has been diagnosed with the early signs of renal disease, but is enjoying her renal diet and coping well.  She is also has a cataract in her eye and is a little hard of hearing and this can mean that she can chat loudly when she thinks she is just talking to you!  Trixie is eligible for support via our Golden Oldies Scheme.  This means that Here for Cats can provide advice on Trixie's care and financially support her adopter with veterinary treatment by arrangement.

Whilst primarily a gentle and loving girl, Trixie will stand up for herself with outsider cats, chasing them out of her garden.  She is frightened of large dogs, but has previously been good friends with a small, very gentle Terrier.  Trixie has grown up with a family around her, and has always been content around older, respectful children.

Trixie is available for adoption via our Direct Rehome Service from her current home in Esher.  She has already been neutered and is up-to-date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

We would love to hear from you if you have time to love and care for lovely Trixie, and have some outside space for her to enjoy patrolling in her retirement.  Please complete an application form.



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