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Tabby & white boy looking for a quietly located home


7 years, 8 months' old




Tabby & white

Can live with cats?

Musho needs to be the only cat in his new home

Can live with dogs?

Musho has potential to live alongside a friendly dog

Can live with children?

Musho has potential to either live with adults or alongside a family with respectful, teenage children

Requires outdoor space?

Access to safe, secure outside space

Current location

Hampton, UK

Reference number


Medical notes

Neutered, microchipped & fully vaccinated. One hind leg has been amputated.

A little bit more

Musho, who is tabby & white and 7 years, 8 months' old, has become available for adoption through our Direct Re-home Service. His family are planning a move abroad and they would very much like for Musho to be settled into a happy new home before they leave.  Sadly, Musho lost a hind leg following a car accident, so his new home should be located in a quiet area so that he can continue to feel safe when exploring outside.

Musho is naturally a little timid, but once he has built trust, is very affectionate and playful. He loves company and will “chat” to his owners to ask for what he needs (usually food and a fuss!). After breakfast, Musho will often sleep for much of the working day, so he has potential to live with someone who works away from the home and has lots of time to spend with him during evenings and weekends.

Musho has potential to live alongside respectful, teenage children and/or a friendly, gentle dog. However, he will stand up to cats who challenge him and, therefore, he should be the only cat in his new home.

Musho has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He has also recently received a dental and is ready to meet potential adopters at his current home in Hampton. 

If you live in a quiet location with safe outside access and would like to offer a happy home to Musho, please complete the application form below and we will be in touch.  Thank you.



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