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Ranger & Cosmo


Bonded, male, semi long-haired kittens looking for a happy home together


At 3 July 2024, Ranger and Cosmo are both 10 weeks' old


Both Male


Both Ranger and Cosmo are black

Can live with cats?

Ranger and Cosmo have no experience with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Ranger and Cosmo have no experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Ranger and Cosmo have potential to either live with adults or alongside a family with respectful children, aged 5+

Requires outdoor space?

Access to safe, secure outside space

Current location

Camberley, UK

Reference number

24161 & 24162

Medical notes

Neutered, microchipped and first vaccinated

A little bit more

Bonded brothers, Ranger & Cosmo, are black and 10 weeks’ old. They were born in a garden to their young mum, Penny, who had been living stray.

Ranger is the bolder of the two kittens. He enjoys exploring, play fighting and being passed around his foster family for Ranger cuddles!

Cosmo is a little quieter and more nervous about approaching humans. He loves being close to his mum and to find a cosy hiding place for a nap!

The kittens, who are staying with their mum in foster care in Camberley, have been neutered, microchipped and first vaccinated. If you would like to offer this delightful pair a happy, forever home with safe outside space, please complete our application form and we will be in touch. Thank you.



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