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If you are interested in giving a cat a home, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Please note cats currently shown on our website are either in foster homes or with their current owners.


Beautiful 8 year old Zebedee is searching for a new home after her current owners circumstances changed and they now live in a house where the garden is smaller than she had previously been used to and there are lots of other cats around. It is a busy house with another cat and small children so her owners believe this is impacting on her behaviour and happiness. She likes to sit on your lap but will only do this when the children are in bed so she spends much of the day hiding to be away and so is sadly not interacting in the way she used to. Zebedee will need a safe garden with cat flap access in a home without children and other pets. If there are a lot of cats in your neighbourhood this may not suit her but we are sure the right home is out there where she can live her later years out in a quieter environment. Please get in touch if you can offer her a loving home.    

• 8 year old female 

• Must have access to the outdoors via a cat flap, away from busy roads

• Needs a quiet home with no young children or other pets 

• Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

• Currently living with her owners in West Molesey

Ref: 20020

Paul Indoor cat RESERVED

Gorgeous Paul is looking for an indoor only home with a catio or enclosed garden. Paul was found as a stray where he had been hanging around for a few years. He is extremely friendly and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap. Unfortunately from life on the streets he is FIV+ which means he will need to be indoor only. He loves the outdoors so we feel he would be happiest in a home with a catio or a cat proof garden where he can get some fresh air and sunshine. He would be OK with older children but would need to be the only cat (unless you have an existing FIV cat).

• Approx. 4 year old male 

• Ideally needs a cat proof garden or catio area

• Suitable to live with older children

• Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

• Currently being fostered in Weybridge

Ref: 20039

Dexter & Alfie 

Golden Oldies RESERVED

Alfie and Dexter are a pair of lovely senior boys, they are 11 years old and have a clean bill of health. Their owner has had them since they were kittens but they are now sadly looking for a new home together as there are severe allergies in the family meaning that they are currently having to spend a lot of their time separated from the rest of the home which means they aren't enjoying their retirement years to the fullest that they could. Dexter has also become quite stressed out by the other cats in the neighbourhood who bully him. These boys would prefer a quiet adult home with no other pets where they will have their owners full attention, they'd make great companions for someone looking for a bit of company. They do enjoy going outside from time to time so a cat flap and garden is important but there must not be too many other cats in the neighbourhood.. 

• 11 year old brothers

• Must be homed together  

• Must have a garden and access to the outdoors via a catflap

• Need a quiet home with no other pets

• Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

• Currently with their owner in Weybridge

Ref: 20050 & 20051

More cats on the way!

If you are looking to give a cat a home please fill out the form on our  adopt a cat page

and we will contact you to discuss further.


Please note not all our cats get advertised, as we often have suitable homes already lined up through previous enquiries. It's worth registering your interest as we get calls about cats needing new homes every week.

Thank you.


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