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Here for Cats is a new rescue group, established by a small number of dedicated and experienced volunteers to help cats in need in the Surrey and neighbouring counties by providing shelter, warmth, food, veterinary care and love, and then finding suitable new homes.


We are seeking supporters, helpers and funds to enable us to carry out our work. Every penny raised and every donation given goes towards helping the animals. We receive no government or council funding. We have an Operations Manager who is our only full time member of staff, and a number of volunteers to run the charity. Everyone contributes a huge amount of time
and effort, we also support it financially from our own pockets. As a team we are dedicated and passionate about cats and work tirelessly for their benefit.

• Last year we rehomed 184 cats and this year we are on target to rehome over 200, with 51 of those being kittens.

• Our facebook page now has over 3,000 followers. We have managed to home about 150 cats directly through facebook.

• Our vision is 'To give every cat its best life', and our mission statement 'Working together to improve the lives of cats now and in the future'.

• We have 10 active foster homes and five supporting catteries.

• Last year our total income for the charity was £46K with outgoings of £35K, of which £30K was spent on vet bills, litter and boarding fees.

• Here for Cats is a member of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH), which represents the views of animal welfare charities to the government and is an excellent resource for the charity.

• This year we employed a full time Operations Manager, who previously worked with the RSPCA.

• In 2018 HFC became a member of Remember a Charity. This organisation works on the behalf of member charities to remind the public about leaving legacies to good causes.




Cat rescue for Surrey

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