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Here for Cats is a new rescue group, established by a small number of dedicated and experienced volunteers to help cats in need in the Surrey area by providing shelter, warmth, food, veterinary care and love, and then finding suitable new homes.


We are seeking supporters, helpers and funds to enable us to carry out our work. To begin with we
are building pens in back gardens and using home fosters but our aim is to have our own purpose
built shelter as soon as possible.

Every penny raised and every donation given goes towards helping the animals. We receive no government or council funding. We have an Operations Manager who is our only full time member of staff, and a number of volunteers to run the charity. Everyone contributes a huge amount of time
and effort, we also support it financially from our own pockets. As a team we are dedicated and passionate about cats and work tirelessly for their benefit.


Email: hereforcats@gmail.com

Tel:      0330 120 0730


Thank you.



Cat rescue for Surrey

Reg. No.1172317