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Are you having issues with your pet?


We have several years experience using Green Hope Farm Flower Essences and highly recommend them. These gentle but powerful remedies, imported from the USA, are invaluable when dealing with issues such as spraying, fighting and bullying, fears and phobias, introducing new animals or settling them into a new environment.

Call Jan on 01483 274 384 for advice and access to these life changing remedies.


If you would like to download a copy of the Green Hope Farm brochure, please click here.


You can read about this wonderful company, the  Animal Wellness collection, and  their extensive range of individual remedies and mixes that can benefit both humans and animals by logging on to their website

The importance of microchipping your cat

If your cat goes missing, the best way of being reunited with your cat is through it's microchip.

Please inform the microchip company if your pet has gone missing or has been stolen straight away.

Please make sure your details are kept up to date.

Click here to find out more about microchipping your pet.

Cages to lend for sick or injured animals

We have cages available to lend, for pets that need cage rest after surgery or an illness. £50 deposit required. If you can give a donation once your pet has recovered, this will help towards other animals. Please call 0330 120 0730.

Cat rescue for Surrey

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