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Bandit & Luna


Closely bonded brother and sister looking for a home together


10 months' old


Bandit (Male) & Luna (Female)


Bandit (black & white) & Luna (black with a white spot on her chest)

Can live with cats?

Bandit & Luna have no experience with other cats

Can live with dogs?

Bandit & Luna have no experience with dogs

Can live with children?

Bandit & Luna have potential to live either with adults or alongside a family with respectful children aged 7+

Requires outdoor space?

Access to safe, secure outside space. Trees are a bonus!

Current location

Camberley, UK

Reference number

24069 & 24070

Medical notes

Neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped

A little bit more

Bandit (black & white) and Luna (black with a white spot on her chest), who are brother and sister and 10 months’ old, are looking for a forever home.  Due to a change in circumstances, their owners need to spend more time away from home and will struggle to offer this lovely pair the time and attention they need going forward.

Bandit is described by his owner as a “loveable goofball” who loves his food, a belly rub and toys he can chew. He likes to slide down each section of his tower rather than jumping down and will meow and seek attention at meal times, sometimes even resorting to putting a paw in his water bowl!

Luna takes a little while to get to know people, but once she has their trust, is very affectionate.   

She loves to drink from a tap/her paw and is happy to play with toys on her own. She has a special place in her heart for her stuffed fish and catnip fox, but can be a little “growly” when playing with balls!

These cheeky youngsters currently live indoors. However, they both love to climb and are very interested in the outside world, so they are looking for a home that has safe, outside space so they can progress to climbing trees!

Bandit & Luna have potential to live alongside adults or a family with respectful children aged 7+. They have no experience with cats or dogs.

The pair are available for adoption having been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and having received preventative flea and worm treatment.

Bandit & Luna are available for adoption through our Direct Re-home Service from their current home in Camberley, Surrey.  If you would like to offer them a happy home with safe, outside space, please complete our application form below and we will contact you shortly.  Thank you.



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