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Leave a gift

You can visit the Remember A Charity website (click button below) to find a solicitor in your local area who will be able to advise you on leaving gifts to Here for Cats when making a Will.


Why your gift is so important to us

Your legacy will help create a self-funded organisation that provides not just for today, but for the future.


Here for Cats was established in 2014 by a small number of dedicated and experienced volunteers to provide a community resource to help cats in need in Surrey and the surrounding area. We now have in addition, one full-time member of staff who manages the daily activities of the charity.


As members of the ADCH (The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes) we aspire to high standards of animal welfare, promoting responsible pet ownership, mutual well-being, understanding, and respect between people and animals.


We do not have a permanent base and rely on a small network of fosterers, garden pens and space in local catteries, and promote direct rehoming where possible. The charity is always seeking supporters, helpers and funds to enable us to carry out our work.


During the current economic situation and uncertainties we are concentrating on using the money available to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many animals as possible in the most economical way. 


We also operate a “Golden oldies” scheme where harder to home older cats are placed in homes with financial support available. We also provide financial support  for cats homed with pre-existing conditions and offer long term fostering in special circumstances.  We offer financial aid where cats are faced with losing their homes and/or lives when treatment is unaffordable.


Our vision is ‘to give every cat its best life’ and a legacy will ensure that we can continue to give that opportunity to as many animals as possible.   


If you are considering leaving us a Legacy, please be assured we have a clear and motivated aim to 'give every cat its best life'.  Thank you.

If you would like any further information please call 0330 120 0730.



We couldn't do what we do without your support and generosity. Please consider making a small donation to help us continue rescuing cats.

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