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A Rehoming Story: Alison and Bubble

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

In this blog, Alison tells us about her experiences rehoming her cat, Bubble, with Here for Cats.


I contacted Here for Cats when we needed to rehome our cat. I chose them as their website was clean and simple and they focussed solely on cats.

Initially I spoke to the lovely Hayley, who promptly returned my call and she was kind and understanding and offered some ideas for solutions to our situation. However, when it became clear the situation could not be resolved, Hayley was once again happy to help.

The rehoming process was very smooth and straightforward and we kept our cat until new owners could be found. Hayley was frank about options and we were able to be part of the decision making process which helped us enormously.

I would not hesitate to recommend Here for Cats as they are specialist, compassionate and really care about fitting the right owners with the right cat. In no way did it feel like a commercial transaction. If you need to rehome your cat or adopt a new one, then look no further than Here for Cats.


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