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Here for Cats' Ambassador

Welcoming Award-Winning artist Natalie Mascall as an Ambassador

We are delighted to announce that Natalie Mascall, renowned and award-winning wildlife artist and cat lover has agreed to continuing her support of Here for Cats by becoming an Ambassador for the charity.

Natalie is crazy about cats, sharing her home with Mina and Abui who are her very own black panthers. She is a full member of the Society Of Feline Artists (SOFA) and takes great pleasure from drawing her two feline family members.

Natalie pursued her art as a hobby whilst working in retail until she became a professional artist in 2001, specialising in Fine Art; realistic wildlife, birdlife, feline, canine and people portraits. She has a passion for wildlife and was brought up with many animals, the love of these becoming her true inspiration to draw.

Natalie believes as a wildlife artist she has a duty to help to raise awareness and to do what she can to promote and support animal rescue, wildlife and conservation and says “I am honoured to be invited and to become an Ambassador for Here for Cats. I believe in the amazing work they do and am very excited about the work and initiatives we have planned together in the year ahead that will impact on the lives of cats. I truly do believe that cats, with all animals, deserve their absolute best life”.

To learn more about Natalie:


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