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Microchipping and the importance of keeping the details updated


Cats Protection began a campaign back in 2019 with the aim of the Government introducing compulsory microchipping. Here for Cats supports this whole-heartedly and believes it is the best way to reunite owners with their lost cats. HFC receives many calls about stray cats each year and whilst we take every precaution to try to find out as much as possible about where these cats come from prior to arranging collection. It is often very difficult, if not impossible, to locate owners of cats that are not microchipped. With added complications that some stray cats can bring, such as injuries, pregnancies and newborn kittens, fights among entire strays and owned cats, lame and sick cats (to name but a few!) we are often dealing with situations that can create high tension and anxiety for the public.

To find out more about the compulsory microchipping campaign and to sign the petition, visit:


Petlog, one of the microchip databases, have relaunched their website this year which created a little bit of confusion for charities across the country who were struggling to access their old accounts. If you have a Petlog account for your own cat's microchip, then visit their website to ensure you have created a new account. All customers should have received an email but we want to ensure that all of our supporter's cats are registered and that the microchips are updated where necessary.

Whichever company your cat's microchip is registered with, please ensure you keep those vital details up-to-date to ensure every chance that your cat will be reunited with you should they ever wander off.


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