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Please "Give your Pennies today for a Pen tomorrow!"

Our Appeal to you is for support to fund Here for Cats’ pens at Five Acres Cattery

We work hard to give every cat that comes into our care the best from the very start of their journey with us. To do this we place cats and kittens with very knowledgeable fosterers and we use pens in catteries when needed.

Five Acres Cattery in Guildford are ideally placed and very supportive of Here for Cats and their experienced team cater to the individual needs of the cats in their care.

Would you help us to provide security and a safe haven for our cats while they are awaiting their new home? A dedicated Here for Cats pen at Five Acres will cost £140 per month and we are seeking support to help fund some pens.

How you can help

- Consider becoming a Regular Donor. No amount per month is too small to contribute towards this much-needed shelter and care.

- Give a One-off Donation. All donations continue to make a huge difference to our cats’ lives.

To offer your support please click on the the DONATE button on the homepage of the Here for Cats’ website, or send a cheque made payable to ‘Here for Cats’ to: PO Box 338, Hampton TW12 9DS.

We thank you for any support you are able to offer. Do gift aid the contribution if you can as this makes a great difference to the total.

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